Coshocton Grain started in 1948 by M.W. McConnell on the site that our current elevator and soybean processing plant are located.  The McConnell Family and a few additional investors owned the company until 1993 when the current shareholders purchased the assets. Coshocton Grain Company currently is a privately held corporation with 31 shareholders and governed by a seven member board of directors.

The first major growth for the company was in 1996 when ground was purchased in Hebron, Ohio.  A rail loading facility was constructed which opened in October of 1997.  Several expansions have been completed to bring the facility to its current state with nearly a half million bushels of storage at the facility.

Coshocton Grain Company purchased the assets of the former Englum Grain Company in Illinios in the spring of 2013.  The company had branches in Vermilion, Horace, Harris Spur and Redmon, Illinois.  The Horace facility was changed from a truck house to a 90 car express loading facility by the direction of our management in 2014.  In the summer of 2016, we sold the Illinois assets to a local feed company.

There was a very difficult time in our history.  On August 13, 2014,  our facility in Coshocton suffered an explosion.  By the grace of God, all the men were able to walk away from the incident.  The facility was rebuilt the following year and we reopened in October of 2015.

Coshocton Soy Processing was formed in 2018 under the direction of Rhoda Crown and Ron Warnock.  The objective of the new company was to diversify our holdings and to provide a better bean market for the local producers.  Construction began on the new soybean processing facility on January 2, 2019.  We followed our very aggeressive construction schedule and comissioned the plant in August of 2019.  The company produces the ExPress® soymeal and oil product lines.

We continue to merchandise corn and soybeans as Coshocton Grain Company through rail and truck sales to the eastern half of the US.